The Original Save Our Beach


A Vision for the

Historic Pier Restaurant


Protect the Public's Quality of Life


From our discussions with the public, TheOriginal Save Our Beach expresses the public vision of the Historic Pier Restaurant. It is an exciting vision that serves the public. It is a vision that can be embraced by those who love the beach, the ocean and the pier area.

We see the preserving of the Historic Pier Restaurant as desirable and providing these benefits:
  1. Keep Control of this Irreplaceable City Asset for the Public
  2. Preserve the Special and Quaint Quality of the Pier
  3. Have an Old Florida Authentic Small Pier Restaurant
  4. Have a Special Place to Serve the Beach Goer
  5. Preserve the Current Parking Spaces for the Public and the Pier Fishers
  6. Prevent the Traffic Congestion and Problems that Will Result from a Large Restaurant
  7. Use this Pier Restaurant as an Educational Tool
  8. Deerfield Beach Leading the Way in Protecting Quality of Life
  9. Bad Economics if Bounis' Lease Extension and Lease Site Plan Approved.

1. Keep Control of this Irreplaceable City Asset

for the Public


The City has a multi-million dollar asset in the land where the pier restaurant is located and the land where the parking lot is located.It is an irreplaceable asset. The City should control the Pier Restaurant.

As we know, things change. The needs of the public concerning this Pier Restaurant may change over the next 15 years, 30 years and 50 years, for that reason, the city must control this asset. With the City controlling this asset, the City can do what is best for the public rather than have this irreplaceable pier asset tied up by business people with a profit agenda rather than a public interest agenda.

The City can control this asset forever with vision.





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