2. Preserve the Special and Quaint

Quality of the Pier

The ocean and beach are what makes Deerfield Beach special. Deerfield Beach is a world quality beach.

The Pier is a unique hallmark in the beach area. Even a president has visited the Pier.

The Pier Restaurant is an accessory to the beach and Pier. It is a small restaurant of 1,650 square feet. It has a special and quaint quality. While its special and quaint quality need to be preserved, the restaurant facility certainly can be significantly upgraded (in fact, at the September 17, 2002 City Commission meeting, Connelly was obligated to upgrade the facility within 6 months, which date was therefore March 17, 2003. Connelly did not upgrade the restaurant; the City Manager and City Commission did nothing about this violation).

This Pier Restaurant is being used by actresses Cameron Diaz and Shirley Maclaine for a new movie. This Pier Restaurant needs to be preserved, and can be with vision.



3. Have an Old Florida Authentic Small Pier Restaurant

Quality of our lives for the present means preserving what is good. We are also stewards in protecting, for our children and future generations, wondrous natural resources like the ocean and beach, and unique historical resources like the Pier and Pier Restaurant.

Deerfield Beach has the opportunity to have an old Florida authentic small Pier Restaurant that will be in keeping with, and be an accessory to, the ocean, beach and pier.

It is an opportunity that is at risk of being lost because the City Manager, developer Mayor and the Commissioners are not listening to the public.

The public has lost much in the beach area in the past few years because the City Manager, developer Mayor and the Commissioners have only listened to the voices of developers, and have ignored the voices of the public.

We beg the City Manager, developer Mayor and the Commissioners to listen to the public! We beg them to see the vision that the public sees!



4. Have a Special Place for the Beach Goer



On a weekday, a young mother and her small children from the Gates of Hillsboro, Deercreek, Waterford, Starlight Cove, or the many other areas of the city, go to the beach. She would like to get a hot dog and fries for the young children.

On a weekend, a retired couple from Natura, Independence Bay, Century Village, Crystal Lake, or the many other areas of the city goes to the beach for a stroll. They would like to get a quick informal hamburger and soda.

Tourists staying on vacation at a local mom and pop motel or at a larger hotel are at the beach, and would like to sit in their wet bathing suits and get a milkshake and snack.

The Pier Restaurant is where they all should be able to go. It fulfills the niche need of an informal, wet-bathing-suits welcome, kick back sandal, small children dropping food, good ole informal Florida spot. That place does not exist on the beach right now. That is the place that fills a need for Deerfield Beach beach goers and tourists. With vision by our public officials, Deerfield Beach can have such a place.




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