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Our PERCIEVED lack of beach parking is the result of the city allowing restaurants and businesses to build without providing enough parking for their patrons.

The city allowed beach arearestaurants, to get away with building too few parking spots for the size of the business.


Developers and restaurateurs MUST provide the necessary parking for what they build. There must be ample parking provided for each new establishment. The parking problem cannot be solved if the city continues to allow buildings to be built with a future hope of having parking somewhere nearby in a proposed to-be-built garage, city funded in collusion with for-big-profit developers.

Do the residents of Crystal Lake, Century Village, Deer Creek or any part of Deerfield Beach want to spend tax dollars on a parking garage because a restaurant at the beach needs spaces to meet code?

Tax dollars and CRA/TIF funds should not fund private parking needed by commercial enterprises. Developers must provide and pay for parking required by city codes.

The new garage on the corner of A1A and NE 1st. St. has had a tough time generating business. A resident of the Surf Club across the street counted about 16 cars on a normal weekday. It is full during events and hot weekends in the season, (nothing will provide enough parking then) but will that be enough to make it pay? We wonder.




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