The Facts

About the Pier Restaurant Proposal


Let's look at the facts, not the "spin" that the Mayor, City Manager and Boinis want to put on the facts.

     Question: How big is the Restaurant Complex proposed by Boinis?

     Answer: The site plan application for the restaurant complex is for 18,374 square feet.

It consists of "… a new full-service restaurant consisting of 13, 658 square feet of building and 2,382 square feet of outdoor dining… new take-out restaurant totaling 780 square feet, new public picnic pavilion totaling 1,554 square feet…" (Quoted from the May 27, 2004 City's Development Review Committee Summary Report about the proposed site plan) That totals 18,374 square feet NOT including the 1,087 square feet for the new bait shop and public restrooms. The proposed restaurant complex is so BIG that it will completely eliminate the fishermen’s parking lot and, it requires the city to partially abandon two rights of way or there wouldn’t be enough space to build it.

There is still not a finalized lease. 

       Question: How can the Commissioners make an informed decision without complete information?

       Answer: They can’t.

  Question:  Is the City really paying for the bait and tackle shop, public bathrooms, boardwalk, expansion of entrance to pier, lifeguard station, canopy to the pier entrance and signage for fishing pier?

      Answer: Yes, the City is paying for all public improvements.

Under the Boinis' proposed lease, Boinis gets a full, 100% credit for any "public" improvements that he makes.  In other words, the City is really paying for all of the public improvements that are being made, and Boinis is not paying for any of the public improvements, since Boinis gets a full, 100% credit for all improvements that he makes (see provision 3.3 of the current proposed lease).

       Question: Should the pier restaurant and parking lot area, which are public property, be rented to a private entity (especially for 54 years)?

       Answer: NO, this area should continue to be available to the public.

        Question: Was there a professional appraisal done on this property?  What was the value?

       Answer:  Yes, $3.8 million.

        Question:  If the deal is just evaluated on financial terms, is it a good deal for the City and the public?  

       Answer: NO!

Based upon purely financial terms, the lease is an outrage to the City and the public.  The City came to its rental numbers without any written report.  Then, when a written report was requested by our attorney, a written report was still not done.  Unlike the property appraisal, which was a professional appraisal, the written rental "preliminary" recommendation was a vague and ambiguous letter of 1˝ pages without any backup or substantiation being provided.  The financial terms of the lease are a bad joke on the public – this beachfront land is appraised at $3.8 million the pier lease proposes getting less than a 4 percent  return per year.  And, while the value of this beachfront property will increase, the rent stays at the same figure for Boinis for the first 12 years of this 54 year lease.

       Question: What person, who rents, gets a lease that has no increase for 12 years?

       Answer: No one, unless it is Boinis dealing with the City Manager with the Mayor's knowledge.

       Question: If the City Manager, Mayor and Boinis believe that there is misinformation, why won't they agree to a public forum before a quasi judicial Commission hearing where we will present the facts and they can state what they claim are the facts?

       Answer: Because they are afraid of the facts.

       Question: On this matter of such public importance, why won't the City Manager, the Mayor and Boinis engage in a full discussion before the public, where the public will be able to ask questions?

       Answer:  Because they are afraid of the public knowing the facts which expose this proposal for what it really is, a very bad idea for Deerfield Beach

The City Manager did appear at a District 1 meeting, but at that time, he would not admit that he favors this proposal and would not get into details about the proposal. 

       Question: Why not utilize a commission meeting for this public discussion?

       Answer:   Because they are afraid of the facts.

 We challenge Boinis and his cadre of highly paid attorneys and professionals to meet at a public forum to discuss the facts.  We are so confident of the facts that we will select only one representative to present the facts while they can have their whole highly paid team try to spin what they claim are facts.  Questions from the public will be answered.  We can prove the facts we present through written documents. 

       Question:  If Boinis is so confident that we are not stating the facts, why won't he accept our challenge?

       Answer: Because his high priced team cannot change the facts, they can run, but they cannot hide from the facts.

       Question:  Will Boinis accept this challenge, given his resources to hire high priced attorneys, development personnel and a public relations firm?

       Answer: No, he will not, when he can instead work behind the scenes, out of the sunshine of public scrutiny.

The public is overwhelmingly opposed to this pier restaurant proposal of Boinis. The Mayor and City Manager know that the public would vote by a landslide to reject this bad proposal.

Question: What should you do?

   Answer: CALL THE CITY TO TELL THEM NO!  č Call the Mayor and your Commissioner to voice your opposition to the oversized pier restaurant proposal.





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