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What is backyard camping? 50 backyard camping ideas you need to try 1. Turn a clay pot into a fire pit 2. Roast some marshmallows 3. Make some s’mores 4. Make banana boats 5. Drink some hot chocolate 6. Share some Ice Cream 7. Tell some ghost stories 8. Do a book reading 9. Play charades 10. Sing a campfire song 11. Bust out the guitar 12. Turn it into a mini-concert 13. Host your own talent show 14. Share a pack of beers 15. Play a round of beer pong 16. Share a bottle of wine 17. Set up a cheese board 18. Play some board games 19. Turn your backyard into an outdoor cinema 20. More comfort, more relaxation 21. Make some campfire popcorn 22. Make some homemade cheesy nachos instead 23. Cook over a fire 24. Throw a barbeque 25. Make some hot dogs 26. Order some pizza 27. Watch the night sky 28. Lay back and zone out 29. Stargaze and observe the constellations 30. Disconnect from technology 31. Play I spy 32. Play some drinking games 33. Bring out the playing cards 34. Host Poker night 35. Set up your own ring toss game 36. Decorate with fairy lights 37. Create your own lanterns 38. Play some atmospheric music 39. Set up karaoke 40. Set up a teepee instead 41. Set a theme for the experience 42. Turn the experience into fancy dress 43. Create your own luxury masquerade ball 44. Glamp up your stay 45. Set up your own backyard “Jacuzzi” 46. Set up a hammock 47. Take a nap 48. Take turns being the DJ 49. Pitch your own backyard camping fort 50. Set up some oversized board games Backyard Camping Party Backyard camping party ideas Backyard Camping Birthday Party Backyard camping birthday party ideas Romantic Backyard Camping Backyard camping date night Backyard tent date night Romantic backyard camping ideas 18 Backyard Camping Essentials Essential backyard camping checklist Backyard Camping for Families Backyard Camping ideas for Families Backyard Camping for Toddlers Backyard camping ideas for toddlers Backyard Camping FAQs Which backyard camping idea will you try? Related Posts References

You don’t always have to head to far-off lands to enjoy a camping adventure. Through backyard camping, you can recreate your dream nature trip with your family and friends without leaving the comforts of your home.

No worrying about whether or not your bulky camping tent will fit inside the car. If you prefer to go glamping, stretch your creative muscles by decorating your space with ambient lighting, fluffy pillows, and all the amenities you wish you’d have while camping.

Whether you’re an experienced traveller or this will be your first time going camping, we compiled below everything you need to know and prepare for a delightful outdoor experience within your backyard. You will also find several camping ideas for all sorts of occasions and a comprehensive list of backyard camping essentials to make your planning go smoothly and stress-free.

Table of Contents

What is backyard camping?

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Most people associate camping with nature reserves or national parks. Unfortunately, we can’t always go out there, especially if the reason is beyond our control—for example, unexpected bad weather or community restrictions.

That’s where backyard camping comes in.

As the name implies, it simply requires turning your yard or garden into your private campground. Basic setups involve a tent, sleeping bags, and a dose of resourcefulness for camp-themed snacks and activities. However, you can be as elaborate as you want, especially if you’re going backyard camping to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries with your loved ones.

People use this opportunity to introduce the joys of camping to children. Backyard camping significantly reduces the risks of conventional camping. It will also require less effort to make it as kid-friendly as possible.

We also encourage testing new camping gear in your backyard before using them in remote locations. This way, you will find out how easy or complicated a tent is to assemble or pack. You can also check how comfortable you’d be with your recently purchased sleeping bag or how long the batteries of a brand-new lantern would last.

50 backyard camping ideas you need to try

If you are looking for some fun camping activities that you can try in your backyard, then you’re in luck. We have put together a huge list of 50 fun things that you must try today.

1. Turn a clay pot into a fire pit

Whilst you may not be able to start a campfire in your own backyard. Nothing is stopping you from creating your own mini fire pot campfire that you can warm your hands with.

2. Roast some marshmallows

Now that you have your campfire, why not bring out the marshmallows and roast them over your newly built fire pot. After all, you can’t have a campfire and not roast marshmallows. It’s a crime!

3. Make some s’mores

Grab yourself some chocolate and graham crackers and turn your freshly toasted marshmallow into s’mores.

4. Make banana boats

You could even make a variation of the traditional s’more and make them instead in bananas. Just split the banana in half with the peel and create a pocket.

Inside you will fill it with chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and even bits of cereal or fruit. Wrap these mananas in tin foil and bake them for 10 mins in the fire.

5. Drink some hot chocolate

What goes perfectly with roasted marshmallows? A nice hot cup of cocoa. Perfect especially at night for when you feel the crisp evening air.

6. Share some Ice Cream

Or why not go the complete opposite and share a tub of Ice cream. This ones even better after an especially hot day.

7. Tell some ghost stories

A perfect one for all the horror lovers. Why not tell a spooky ghost story as you all sit around the campfire. Bonus points if you hold a flashlight under your chin for added effect.

8. Do a book reading

Trust us, it is much better than it might sound. Simply choose a fiction genre (horror, ghost stories or suspense works great) and have a really engaging storyteller read it out in an exaggerated manner.

9. Play charades

If you fancy yourself an aspiring actor, why not play a round of charades. If you don’t know how it works, one person takes the stage and acts out a word, phrase or famous scene while the rest have to guess.

10. Sing a campfire song

If you are terrified of ghost stories then why not try singing a campfire song instead. It’s a surefire way to bring everyone together.

11. Bust out the guitar

Why not jazz up your stay by busting out your guitar and playing a few of your favourite sing-along songs in front of a small crowd of friends.

12. Turn it into a mini-concert

You could even turn it into a small performance and entertain your guests with guitar plating, singing and the like.

13. Host your own talent show

Or you can even take it one step further and turn the night into a talent show where you and each one of your friends can show off their best hidden skills for a laugh. Why not even take it one step further and have your very own panel of judges as well.

14. Share a pack of beers

What’s better than singing a campfire song? Singing a campfire song tipsy. After a couple of beers, everyone is a world class performer!

15. Play a round of beer pong

Why not bring one of the best drinking games that you can play with friends into your backyard. Simply get 12 cups and a ping pong ball, set them up into typical beer pong fashion, take turns getting the ball into the cup and drink the night away.

16. Share a bottle of wine

If you don’t fancy yourself a beer person and prefer to class it up, then why not get out the glasses and share a bottle of wine between yourselves.

17. Set up a cheese board

Fancy yourself extra classy today? Impress your friends by setting up a board with assorted cheeses, olives, some cured meats and extra bites to go along with the wine.

18. Play some board games

It doesn’t have to just be chess, you can play any game you can think of, monopoly, risk, or even go old school with a game of snakes and ladders or ludo.

19. Turn your backyard into an outdoor cinema

With a bedsheet, cords, wooden pegs and an inexpensive projector, you can turn your garden into your very own cinema.

20. More comfort, more relaxation

Why not simply enjoy the atmosphere and take a moment to chill and enjoy being outdoors. It’s not everyday that you get the chance to camp out in your own backyard!

21. Make some campfire popcorn

It’s actually impossible to watch a movie without popcorn. Trust us, if you do, you will disappear… Well what are you waiting for? Get those popcorn kernels popping and add your flavouring of choice!

22. Make some homemade cheesy nachos instead

If you don’t like popcorn you are a monster…Whilst it’s not the same, you can instead make some delicious nachos and share those around instead.

23. Cook over a fire

Backyard Camping: The Ultimate Guide (2023) | Camping Divine (2)

With your converted fire pit that you toast your marshmallows in now in place, you can use it to cook your meals in little foil packets over your campfire. It can be a great change to the usual oven baked food.

24. Throw a barbeque

Why not go all out and host a full out barbeque. Bring out the grill and get some burgers, hot dogs, steak and all other kinds of goodness going for your guests. It’s your backyard so why not bend the rules just a little.

25. Make some hot dogs

A quick and dirty treat that can be amazing with fire roasted sausages, especially when things start to get a little chilly as the sun goes down.

26. Order some pizza

If you aren’t feeling completely in the outdoor spirit, you can order some sweet delicious pizza. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

27. Watch the night sky

After a great meal, sometimes you just want to lie down and take a moment for yourself. Watching the stars can be the perfect way to simply take in the atmosphere.

28. Lay back and zone out

Stargazing is best done either laying on the ground or in complete relaxation. Why not set up a couple of recliner chairs and watch the sky.

29. Stargaze and observe the constellations

Why not take it one step further, set up a telescope and observe the stars. Great if you are interested in astronomy or movement in planets.

30. Disconnect from technology

Forget about needing to keep up with the latest social news or responding back to your whatsapp messages. Why not take the time out to make a ‘no phone’ rule where you can get back to being around nature.

You can really use this opportunity to spend time together just like it would be if you were camping. No tech, just quality time.

31. Play I spy

A great game to play without needing additional items especially as you just lay back and recline in your chair after a hearty meal. Just pick something in your field of vision and have everyone racing to guess what it is that you are referring to.

32. Play some drinking games

Well if I spy seems a little too childish for you, now that you’ve brought a pack of your favourite beers to share around, you can up the ante with a few boozy games.

33. Bring out the playing cards

How can you have drinks and games without a deck of cards? You know what they say, a deck of cards can bring strangers together. Or something like that…

34. Host Poker night

You could even raise the stakes and host your own poker tournament. Everyone put in a fiver and the winner takes all

35. Set up your own ring toss game

You can use objects around your house or even butternut squashes as targets that you need to get the rings around. Use different coloured markers to indicate points to make it a little more interesting and take turns throwing the rings.

For the competitive people, you can set up a prize for the winner and a punishment for the lowest scorer as well.

36. Decorate with fairy lights

Why not light your backyard with fairy lights and turn your backyard camping night into a fantasy themed backyard camping night.

37. Create your own lanterns

Creating your own DIY lanterns can really add to the fantasy-like effect. Simply grab a few mason jars, break a glow stick and place inside, and then fill up with water and tada! Your very own lantern.

38. Play some atmospheric music

Now that you have set up your dim lighting with the lanterns, why not play some music that can set you and all of your guests in a relaxing mood.

39. Set up karaoke

You can instead, choose to blast out some of the greatest pop hits and host your very own karaoke session. It’s always much more fun when everyones has had a few drinks.

Be careful though, your neighbours may not appreciate drunk singing late at night. Always be respectful to your environment.

40. Set up a teepee instead

Why not try setting up your very own Teepee instead of the typical camping experience. There are many DIY guides that you can find online. Setting up a few in your garden can help to create a completely different experience. If you are looking for some guidance, here is a great video to get you started:

41. Set a theme for the experience

Why not take it a step further and create a theme for the event. With the teepees set up, you could turn your whole backyard into a fantasy wonderland with other decorations to add to the experience.

42. Turn the experience into fancy dress

Now that you have a theme in place, you can create your own dress code that all attendees need to follow. This can end up being a right laugh.

43. Create your own luxury masquerade ball

Take your theme to the next level and invite everyone to bring their own mask and turn your backyard into your own exclusive fancy ball.

44. Glamp up your stay

Why not bring in your softest blankets, cosy pillows and fluffy rugs and turn your camping experience into a glamorous campsite for the night. Who said backyard camping can’t be luxurious?

45. Set up your own backyard “Jacuzzi”

Why not find an inexpensive bathtub online, set it up in your garden and fill it up with some hot water. It is even better when you have the late night chill and a couple of drinks in hand and you are good to go. Just make sure that it is large enough for everyone.

46. Set up a hammock

If you are looking for another way that you and your friends can relax just like the Jacuzzi, look no longer. A hammock can be one of the most relaxing places, just chill and look up at the stars.

47. Take a nap

Hammocks are one of the most relaxing experiences that you can have outdoors and honestly, sometimes you just need to appreciate what you have. Taking a nap outdoors can leave you feeling refreshed when you wake up.

48. Take turns being the DJ

The great thing about inviting all your friends around is that everyone has their own unique taste in music. Why not take the opportunity to get acquainted with a different style of music. You never know, you might end up adding many songs to your personal playlist.

49. Pitch your own backyard camping fort

Admit it. You have always wanted to revisit your childhood fantasies of creating your own blanket castle and having your own kingdom. Why not use your backyard camping sessions as an excuse to be a kid again. No ones going to judge, they probably want to do the same.

50. Set up some oversized board games

No one would associate chess with fun at a backyard campout, yet giant inflatable chess sounds 10 times cooler. Why not set up your own giant chess board or oversized Jenga to play and have a laugh trying to watch everyone awkwardly move the pieces.

Backyard Camping Party

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If you’re a nature lover or you want to shake things up, celebrate events by inviting your family and friends to a backyard camping party. It’s much more affordable than a destination party, and most people find it more exciting than a typical garden get-together.

Planning an unforgettable backyard camping party is easier than you think—you’ve already got a theme, after all! However, to make the event special, check out these three ideas that will take the party to the next level.

Backyard camping party ideas

  • Set the mood with the proper lighting.

Bonfires are ideal for the complete camping experience, but if that’s not an option for you, you can still bathe your backyard in a warm, fiery glow through a combination of string lights, lanterns, or tiki torches. You can also reuse your Christmas lights for a more economical arrangement. Remember to have a fire extinguisher on standby for everyone’s peace of mind.

  • Let your guests prepare their DIY trail mix.

This quintessential camping snack will be a hit for kids and adults alike. Prepare the usual ingredients, such as almonds, sunflower seeds, and dried fruits. Then, liven things up by throwing in the crowd favourites—for example, popcorn, chocolate candies, or gummy worms. Arrange them into separate bowls, and give your guests the freedom to create their favourite trail mix combinations.

  • Invite everyone to participate in outdoor games.

What better way to get everyone’s heart pounding with excitement than classic party games? Plan a variety of activities so that guests of all ages can join in the fun. Consider arranging a water balloon toss or a scavenger hunt if your party includes children. On the other hand, an adults-only backyard camping party can hold a beer pong tournament, too.

Backyard Camping Birthday Party

Hosting a camping-themed birthday celebration in your backyard breathes new life to a typical dinner party. Get creative with the invitations! Try to incorporate the adventurous elements of camping into the food, drinks, and party favours. Treat yourself and your guests by transforming your garden into your dream glamping setup.

Since we’ve had our share of planning backyard camping birthday parties, we have plenty of ideas. Below are our top three suggestions to commemorate your special day.

Backyard camping birthday party ideas

  • Create a playlist featuring your favourite songs to play while camping

Keep things fun and lively by streaming hit songs, preferably those that will get everyone singing along or dancing. Make sure you have a nice set of speakers since the venue is outdoors. If you plan to build a bonfire, consider playing live music using guitar, harmonica, or other portable musical instruments while gathered around the warm, cosy fire.

  • Order or bake a “dirt” cake

While funfetti cakes continue to be the go-to option for birthdays, we recommend trying “dirt” cakes, which typically consist of cream cheese, vanilla pudding, and crushed chocolate cookies. It can be as straightforward as layering these ingredients one after the other or be as elaborate as you want by throwing in “grass” and twigs made of icing, marshmallow fondant, and other edible decorations.

  • Hand out camping-inspired party bags

To thank your guests for coming to your backyard camping birthday party, consider giving them small items that are handy for outdoor trips. For example, we attended an event where the host distributed a basic knot-tying kit that included a set of carabiners, pulley, metal ring, and colored ropes. We absolutely love them because they are practical rather than decorative souvenirs from campout birthday parties.

Romantic Backyard Camping

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The secret to an incredible and romantic backyard camping date lies mainly in the atmosphere. Aim to create an intimate and cosy vibe under the night sky. Come up with a delectable menu you can reheat on the grill or over the campfire. Don’t forget to plan outdoor activities where you and your significant other can strengthen your bond or unwind.

Backyard camping date night

Surprise your romantic partner with a cosy yet exciting backyard camping date night for an extra dose of excitement. You don’t have to reserve a table or try to squeeze yourselves into a crowded bar if you’re spending quality time within the comforts and privacy of your backyard. Consider doing the preparation together, too. It’s a great chance to get to know each other’s camping know-how and preferences better.

Backyard tent date night

We recommend going the extra mile by arranging a backyard tent date night with your significant other. If you haven’t got a glamping tent yet, pick something with enough space for a table, a couple of chairs, and an air mattress. Set the mood by lighting some scented candles. Try your hand at cooking your partner’s favourite dishes or classic camping food like grilled meats, chilli, and S’mores.

For an unforgettable backyard camping date night, please go through our three ideas for outdoor romance.

Romantic backyard camping ideas

  • Serve camping-inspired co*cktails

Spice things up by introducing your partner to creative camping co*cktails. A quick search on your browser would show you dozens of recipes for tasty and Instagram-worthy mixed drinks. We suggest the Camping Sangria since you can customise it with your favourite fruit combos. If you want to stay on the safe side, mocktails can be just as delightful as their alcoholic counterparts.

  • Make a game out of stargazing

Print out a copy of the constellations that you would likely see during that time of the year. Then, challenge your significant other with a game of who can spot a particular constellation first. If you prefer something more mellow, you can lie down next to each other on the air mattress and take your time admiring your unobstructed view of the stars.

  • Trade campfire stories

To make things more exciting, write down one topic or question per piece of paper and place them on a container. Common examples include stories from your childhood, exciting experiences at work, or hobbies that nobody else knows about. While snuggling beside the campfire, take turns drawing lots to get to know each other better as the night continues.

18 Backyard Camping Essentials

Compared to conventional camping trips, doing it in your backyard requires much less planning and preparation. Still, you must ensure that the essentials are ready to create a relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We compiled below a checklist of the backyard camping essentials. Use it as a reference to check if you’ve got everything you need or if you need to go shopping for camping gear, food, or activity materials first.

Essential backyard camping checklist

Check off the items that you own

Sleeping bags
Camping Chairs
Bonfire kit
Portable grill/Stove
Fire extinguisher
Insect repellant
Food Supplies
Cooler with Ice
Paper towels/Rags
Trash bags and bins

  1. Tent

You must have enough tents to comfortably accommodate everyone taking part in the backyard campout, especially if you intend to host a sleepover under the stars.

  1. Tarp

Lay out a large, sturdy tarp on the campground to protect your guests and valuables from bugs and moisture.

  1. Sleeping bags

Even if you’re not planning to sleep in the backyard, it would be nice to have sleeping bags or air mattresses in case anyone wants to rest or lie down.

  1. Blankets

Aside from providing warmth and comfort, blankets may also serve as another layer of protection from grass stains, sunshine, or ground moisture.

  1. Pillows

Since you don’t have to travel far and baggage space isn’t an issue, we suggest preparing different pillows that may be used for sleeping, resting, and sitting on the ground.

  1. Camping Chairs

If you’ve got room in your budget, consider investing in a set of lightweight and foldable chairs you can bring along on your other camping trips.

  1. Clothes

Prepare clothes appropriate for a day out in the sun, as well as your pyjamas for the backyard camping sleepover.

  1. Lantern or flashlight

More often than not, your current illumination in the garden or backyard wouldn’t suffice, so equip your tents with a lantern or flashlight for a more portable option.

  1. Bonfire kit

If you plan to build a bonfire while backyard camping, make sure that you have the basics, such as firewood, kindling, and lighter or matches.

  1. Portable grill or stove

Outdoor fun isn’t complete without grilled or roasted meats and vegetables, so hand a portable grill or stove with the necessary cooking implements on standby, too.

  1. Fire extinguisher

Purchase Class A or Class B fire extinguishers to ensure the safety of everyone participating in your backyard campout.

  1. Sunblock

Apply sunblock with at least an SPF50 rating if you plan to host the event during the daytime.

  1. Insect repellant

Prepare an insect-repellent lotion, spray, or candles to prevent illnesses and discomfort.

  1. Food Supplies

Depending on what’s on the menu, shop for the ingredients, condiments, and snacks you will serve your guests.

  1. Beverages

It’s essential to stay hydrated even if you’re camping in your backyard, so purchase various drinks, such as water, juices, soda, or beer.

  1. Cooler with Ice

The cooler will not only help keep your beverages cool but also serve as storage for food items you need to keep chilled, such as ice cream, yoghurt, or even your tinfoil meals.

  1. Paper towels or rags

Keep everything clean and dry by having paper towels or rags on hand.

  1. Trash bags and bins

Avoid attracting pests and causing foul odours by designating an area where you and your guests can throw away the trash.

Backyard Camping for Families

Camping out in the backyard is a time-honoured tradition of several families. Parents arrange one to immerse themselves and their children in the great outdoors without worrying about the logistics of conventional camping. Since you’d be just in the garden or backyard, bathroom breaks wouldn’t be much of an issue, especially for the young ones. Everyone can enjoy fun group activities, ranging from exciting neighbourhood scavenger hunts to relaxing nature-themed arts and craft time.

If it’s your first time hosting a backyard campout, here are three ideas that will make your family day extraordinary:

Backyard Camping ideas for Families

Backyard Camping: The Ultimate Guide (2023) | Camping Divine (5)
  • Request your family members to unplug digitally.

A lot of people go camping to get away from the stress and demands of modern life. If that isn’t an option for the family, relax and detoxify in the privacy of your backyard by asking everyone to follow the “No mobile phones or tablets” rule. Encourage the kids to turn off their gaming devices and play traditional camping games instead.

  • Watch family-friendly movies together.

Though you can do it inside your home, watching a movie outdoors is an entirely different experience. Do it at night so you can set up a projector and white screen. While the kids decide which film to watch, prepare the popcorn, trail mix, and drinks. Lay down under the blankets on the mattress or sleeping bags and enjoy the rest of the night.

  • Teach your children some basic camping skills.

Involve the young ones in the setup for your backyard campout. Allow them to lend you a helping hand in pitching the tent. Demonstrate how to start a fire safely and what to do in case of an accident. Your children may also appreciate learning to prepare S’mores, campfire pizzas, and other traditional camping food that kids love.

Backyard Camping for Toddlers

Given how convenient and safer backyard camping is, we recommend it as an excellent way to introduce toddlers to the great outdoors. You won’t have to haul the crib, carrier, toys, and other essentials to remote locations. It will also lower the risk of scaring young children because they are likely familiar with the surroundings near your home. If the child is not in the mood for it, you can also easily pack things up, head back to your house, and try again next time.

For a safe and enjoyable backyard camping with toddlers, here are three ideas that you can try yourself:

Backyard camping ideas for toddlers

  • Set up a separate play tent for the young ones.

Fill the play tent with your child’s favourite stuffed toys, books, pillows, and blankets. If it has enough space inside, place a small table and chair where your toddler can draw or have fun with their colouring book. When it’s nap time, show them where they can lie down while the rest of the family carries on with other backyard camping activities.

  • Go on a mini nature exploration.

Grab this chance to teach your child about nature. Bring out their nature-themed picture books, and try searching for the plants, insects, and birds within your property. You may also demonstrate how to use a magnifying glass to examine small objects or a pair of binoculars to see faraway objects and animals.

  • Soothe your children by singing campfire songs.

Your toddler’s first backyard camping experience might become too stressful for them. To calm them down and keep them engaged, they can also play camping songs that they can learn. It will be much better if you can also bring out some kid-friendly musical instruments, such as tambourines, mini drums, or a keyboard.

  • Set up your own scavenger hunt

A really fun camping activity that toddlers will definitely love is a backyard scavenger hunt. You can do this by writing a list of the names with pictures of stones, flowers and trees and have them run around trying to find the items. They can collect the items in bags and bring them back. First one to find everything on the list gets a good prize.

Backyard Camping FAQs

Backyard Camping: The Ultimate Guide (2023) | Camping Divine (6)

How do you go backyard camping?

Camping in the comforts and privacy of your own yard or garden can be done in three steps. First, create a plan according to who and how many will go backyard camping. Think about the kinds of activities that you want to do and the food and beverages the participants will enjoy.

Then, gather all the materials you will need to carry out your backyard camping plan. Don’t forget to go through our camping essentials checklist above to make your preparations faster and smoother.

Set up camp and pitch the tents in the backyard on the day itself. If you’re building a fire pit, choose an area that is safe and free from flammable objects. Make sure you’ve got a cooler filled with ice for the drinks and food you will not cook or eat yet. Once everything is ready, go ahead and have fun while savouring the fresh air and fine weather.

By nightfall, check if everyone is comfortable with the sleeping arrangements. Go stargazing or tell exciting stories around the bonfire before bedtime. We suggest cleaning up any leftover food or trash on your campsite to prevent attracting pests to your tents.

How do you make a wall tent for a backyard camping party?

For a standard DIY wall tent, you will need a canvas tarp, grommets, guy wires, rope, wooden boards, a wood drill, and a sewing machine. The exact sizes of the canvas and boards depend on how large you want the wall tent to be—for example, a 3-metre by 6-metre wall tent requires one 3-metre 2-by-4 board and two 2-metre 2-by-2 boards.

Regardless of the size, the first step is to attach the grommets shorter edges of a rectangular tarp. Doing so will allow you to hold the tent upright through guy wires, thus creating the walls. Then, measure and cut down the tarp to make the tent flaps, which will be sewn to the walls of the tent to form the roof.

Drill holes on the ends of the 2-by-4 board before it on the centre of the flaps. Use the guy lines through the grommets and stake them to the ground. Carve the 2-by-2 boards to a point, insert each into the holes you created earlier, and then raise the wall tent.

If you want something cheaper and more lightweight, you can substitute the canvas with nylon or other synthetic tent fabrics.

Is camping in your backyard safe?

Backyard camping is generally considered safe, provided you exercise care while planning and during the activity itself. Common safety risks associated with setting camp in the backyard include animal attacks, burglaries, unruly campers, fire, and sudden extreme weather.

Given these, here are some precautionary measures you should take. First, check the neighbourhood security of your area. If the crime rate is low and there are no sightings of wild animals, then you’d feel safer going backyard camping. Remember to get the contact number of neighbourhood security, nonetheless.

Next, inspect your backyard for potential safety risks. Cover any holes that can cause accidents, and mark areas your guests should stay away from.

Mosquitoes tend to cause problems during backyard camping, too. If your tent is not insect-proof, equip them with mosquito nets and apply mosquito repellent lotion for maximum protection.

Can I sleep in a tent in my backyard?

Yes, you can! Again, it can be an unforgettable outdoor experience for you and your guests if you have planned well for everyone’s safety and comfort. With the right gear and careful preparation, you can avoid the common problems you might encounter, such as cold draughts, insect bites, noisy neighbourhoods, or intruders.

We also suggest establishing some ground rules, whether camping with family or friends. For example, you can agree about the time when everyone will have to wind down and go to sleep or ban any kind of weapons or illicit drugs in your backyard.

How do I turn my backyard into a campground?

For a true campground feel in your background, you need these three essential elements of outdoor camping.

First, you need tents outfitted with sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets. Your setup can be multiple small tents around the yard or big ones so that everyone can stay together while asleep.

Next, you need to set up an outdoor dining area. Arrange benches or camping chairs around a table. Depending on the menu, you might also need a grill or portable stove. Staying hydrated is critical, so ensure you and your guests can have refreshing beverages in the cooler.

Build a bonfire or fire pit in your backyard to complete the campground vibe. You can use this to cook your meals, prepare S’mores, and keep everyone warm at night. We also enjoy telling stories or singing camping songs around the fire.

How can I make camping fun at home?

Hosting a delightful backyard campout is not complete without the classic camping games. If you’ve got the time and energy for it, a neighbourhood scavenger hunt can be thrilling for children and adults alike. You have to create a theme and the tasks that must be completed to receive the rewards.

However, you may also have hours of fun staying within the yard through lawn games. You can teach children how to play croquet, quoits, or giant Jenga. Meanwhile, adults-only backyard camping typically includes beer pong and other group drinking games.

For more relaxing entertainment, consider setting up an outdoor cinema. All you need is a projector, laptop, and a large white sheet to serve as the screen. Bonding through stories or songs around the bonfire can also be lowkey but fun outdoor camping activities.

How can I camp in my yard without a tent?

While it’s advisable to pitch a tent when camping in the backyard, it’s not the only option at your disposal. The simplest way is to use sleeping bags or an air mattress with pillows and blankets. In this way, you can relax and admire the night sky before falling asleep.

Tarps provide a portable and flexible alternative to camping tents, too. Putting a tarp on the lean-to position will shield you from light rain, but we suggest using an A-frame tarp for better protection.

However, if you don’t want to sleep on the ground, try attaching a hammock to sturdy trees or posts. Look for a model that has an added quilt for maximum comfort. To keep the bugs away, an enclosed hammock will do the trick.

How easy is it to make a tent at home with a blanket?

Building a DIY blanket tent is straightforward. The blanket size depends on how big you want it to be. We suggest using multiple single-size blankets rather than one extra-large blanket since the former will allow you to be creative with your tent design.

Then, look for suitable support for your DIY tent. It can be the trees or posts in your yard. Once you have the ideal spot, fold the blankets according to your preferred form. Fasten them to one another using safety pins or clips. Finally, attach them to the supports to keep the tent upright and stable.

To create a fun vibe, decorate your DIY blanket tent with string lights, stuffed toys, or anything that will fit the chosen theme for your backyard campout.

How do you make a tent out of a bed with blankets?

Bed tents add an air of sophistication to a backyard glamping setup. To build the tent over the bed using blankets, you must first construct a tent frame using some wooden boards.

Then, measure and cut the canvas to create the tent cover. Remember to sew the edges for a classy finish, but a rough-hewn look can work well if you’re going for a rustic vibe.

When the pieces are ready, connect the wooden tent frame to the bed you will use for outdoor camping. Then, drape the tent cover and secure it using safety pins, clips, or hand-sewing.

We like bumping up the style factor by throwing in plush pillows, stuffed toys, and extra soft bed sheets on the bed tent. You can also line the tent roof with LED lights to make it Instagram-worthy.

What household items can you make a fort out of?

Your home likely has everything you need to build a fort. The classic setup involves tables, dining chairs, and blankets. Arrange everything in your yard or garden by draping the blanket over the table. Place two chairs near the table, and cover them with the blanket to create an entrance into the fort.

Another option requires an air mattress, string, and blankets. Fasten the two ends of the string on sturdy supports in your backyard. Then, place the air mattress somewhere along the line. Drape the blanket on the string over the mattress, and tuck in the edges of the blanket underneath to secure them.

Regardless of your preference, don’t forget to lay out a waterproof ground sheet to keep the moisture from seeping into your clothes, blankets, or mattress. Consider using your shower curtains instead if you want something more protective than a blanket.

How do you make a small tent at home?

To create a small tent for children or couples, we suggest using PVC pipes because they are affordable, easy to use, and portable. They are also accessible to most people because most local hardware stores have them in different shapes and sizes.
The first step is to build the tent frame using PVC pipes.

You may choose from the typical A-frame, a modern cube form, or a more complex house-shaped structure. The size of the tent can be adjusted by cutting the pipes into your preferred dimensions.

Once you have the frame, you can just throw a blanket, canvas, or nylon over the pipes. Secure the fabric using safety pins or clips. However, we suggest sewing sleeves along with your chosen material so you can slide the tubes inside them instead. Doing so will keep the tent from falling apart too quickly.

How do you make a teepee in your backyard?

For the signature teepee form, you will need six 1-metre bamboo poles or wooden rods, a large blanket or canvas, rope, and clothespins.

Your first task is to push one end of the bamboo poles into the ground, forming a circle of around 1.5 to 2 metres in diameter. Then, gather the other ends of the bamboo poles in one hand and secure them together using the rope. Weave the rope in and out of the sticks before tying it off into a knot for a sturdier build.

Next, enclose the teepee frame with your chosen tent fabric. We suggest wrapping the sheet horizontally so that the two shorter edges will serve as the opening. Leave extra material so that you can fully close the teepee as needed.

Once satisfied with the arrangement, secure everything in place using clothespins. Throw into a cosy rug, pillows, and your kids’ favourite toys.

Which backyard camping idea will you try?

Backyard Camping: The Ultimate Guide (2023) | Camping Divine (7)

We hope that reading through our ultimate guide to backyard camping has encouraged you to push through with this activity. Whether you’re doing it on your own or with your loved ones, camping in your garden or yard can be a rewarding experience. You will not feel as hassled as usual when planning camping trips, and you may even host it on a limited budget as long as you’ve already got the essentials for a fun day out in nature.

Backyard camping is an excellent alternative to the typical get-togethers that we host. Several nature enthusiasts will appreciate celebrating a camping-themed birthday within the proximity of their homes. Children and teens who enjoy having sleepovers with their friends will also enjoy the novelty of falling asleep while stargazing.

No matter the occasion, we recommend using our checklist for backyard camping essentials while planning for the activity. Prepare everything ahead so you can better focus on savouring the fine weather and engaging in outdoor fun on the day itself.

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