Brawl Stars Tier List October 2023 and Guide (2024)

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is an online multiplayer game that combines elements of arena and third-person hero shooters. It is created and published by Finnish video game company Supercell. The game launched globally on December 12, 2018, for iOS and Android devices. In Brawl Stars, there are different game modes, each with its own unique objectives. Players can choose from a variety of characters called “Brawlers” and control them using the on-screen joystick during matches.

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The developer and publisher of the game is Supercell and it can be played on platforms such as Android, iOS, and iPadOS. “Brawl Stars” was released as a beta version on June 14, 2017, and officially released globally on December 12, 2018. It belongs to MOBA (Multiplayer Online Arena) and Hero Shooting game genres and is played in multiplayer mode.

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Brawl Stars Tier List October 2023

Welcome to the October 2023 Brawl Stars tier list! In this list, we’ll be ranking the heroes in the game based on how they perform in the current meta. Whether you’re an experienced player looking for the top heroes, or you’re just starting out and curious about which heroes to try, this tier list will help you make informed choices and enhance your gameplay. Let’s dive into the exciting world of Brawl Stars and see which Brawlers are making waves this month!




  • square
  • Doug
  • Buster
  • Hank
  • Maisie
  • Bonnie
  • squeak
  • Nita
  • pearl
  • RT
  • Jackie
  • Leon


  • eve
  • Meg
  • grif
  • 8 bits
  • Rosa
  • Mandy
  • Piper
  • Bo
  • Shirley
  • el primao
  • sand
  • Otis
  • frank
  • Sam
  • Tara
  • Emz
  • dairy cow
  • Grom
  • grey


  • Gene
  • willow
  • Gus
  • Otis
  • chester
  • Brock
  • Biya
  • Stu
  • Poco
  • bull
  • Rufus
  • amber
  • spike
  • Laura
  • spike
  • Daryl
  • building
  • penny


  • Beauty
  • Nani
  • Janet
  • Strong wind
  • Cordelius
  • pony
  • Rico
  • gushing
  • Edgar
  • germination
  • Carl
  • buzzing




Brawl game gameplay

Brawl Stars features fast-paced and dynamic gameplay that revolves around players controlling Brawlers in real-time battles. Players can participate in various game modes, each with its own unique objectives. The core of the gameplay is teaming up with other players or fighting against them in 3v3 battles, although there are other modes such as solo play and special events.

The game’s controls are simple, using an on-screen joystick, allowing players to move their brawlers and aim their attacks. Fighters have unique abilities and super moves that add strategic depth to combat. Winning a match often requires a combination of team coordination, tactical positioning, and skillful use of a brawler’s abilities.

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During the match, the player’s goal is to collect gems, secure objectives, or defeat opponents, depending on the selected game mode. There is a strategic element to team composition, as players can choose heroes that complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. As the game progresses, the battlefield shrinks and the action becomes more intense, forcing players to engage in closer combat.

The game’s social features are also important, allowing players to team up with friends, form clubs, and communicate using in-game features. Brawl Stars is constantly introducing new Brawlers, skins, and balance changes to keep gameplay fresh and engaging. Overall, Brawl Stars offers an exciting and competitive multiplayer experience with a variety of modes and strategies to master.

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Brawl Stars Overview


Brawl Stars


Multiplayer online battle arena and hero shooter


super cell


super cell


Android, iOS, iPadOS

release date:

Beta: June 14, 2017; Global: December 12, 2018

Game modes:

Diverse and have different goals


Play as a character unlocked through boxes, Brawl Pass, Trophy Road or purchased from the store

Unlock the fighter:

Replaced boxes with points and chroma points; brawlers mostly in “Starr Road”

Team competition:

Team up with friends; maximum team size varies by game mode


Purchase or unlock with Gems, Star Points, Coins, or the Brawl Pass; change your Brawler’s appearance, animations, effects, and sounds

Trailer for Brawl Stars

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Brawl Stars Tier List October 2023 and Guide (2024)


Who is the rarest brawler in Brawl star? ›

For the Rare category, El Primo and Rosa are top choices, with El Primo being stronger in higher trophy ranges. In the Super Rare category, Jesse is a great pick for new or casual players, while Dynamike and Jackie are also strong options.

Is BEA or Emz better? ›

Short Answer: It Depends! The truth is, both Bea and Emz bring unique strengths to the table. Choosing the better one depends on your playstyle and the game mode you're playing.

Who is the weakest brawler in Brawl Stars? ›

Mortis consistently labeled as the worst brawler.

Who is the best Epic Brawler? ›

Stu. Stu has also been one of the most powerful Brawlers in the game that has received a large number of nerfs since he was added to that game. Known to be the best epic Brawler for Shootdown, each of his attacks have two projectiles.

Who is the best mythic brawler in Brawl Stars? ›

Fang takes the top spot as the best Mythic Brawler in the game. While not dominant in power league, he is unstoppable in ladder matches, deleting opponents with ease. His hyper charge and chaining super make him brain-dead to play, and he is a must-have for any Brawl Stars player.

Who is the most balanced brawler in Brawl Stars? ›

Emz: The Power with a Price

Emz strikes a balance by being strong but offset by clear weaknesses, emphasizing the importance of trade-offs. Balancing a brawler isn't a science; it's an art.

What brawler is the most damage? ›

Spike: As the Brawler with the highest damage in the game, Spike can go up to the Boss and deal heavy damage consistently, especially with his Popping Pincushion Gadget.

Is Star Shelly rare? ›

Unclaimed Star Shelly Skin: A Forgotten Rarity

This skin was obtained during the global release of Brawl Stars, making it a rarity among current players. While many accounts may own the Star Shelly skin, the fact that 'Raise Mini' has not claimed it adds to its uniqueness.

Who's better, Brock or Barley? ›

Brock is your go-to for blasting enemies from afar, while Barley excels in controlling the battlefield and slowing down opponents. So, overall, for aggressive play and burst damage: Brock shines with his ranged dominance and high damage output.

Which brawler should I max first? ›

Leon: A Solid Pick in Any Game Mode

His hyper charge allows him to deal additional damage while remaining invisible, making him a deadly assassin. No matter the situation, Leon is a reliable and strong choice for any player.

Who is the best DPS in Brawl Stars? ›

The Champion of DPS in Brawl Stars

As of our latest update, it's widely acknowledged that Colt, with his dual pistols, holds the title for the highest DPS (damage per second) in Brawl Stars, especially when his super is fully charged. Colt can quickly mow down enemies with a rapid barrage of bullets.

Is Brock or Barley better? ›

Quick Take: Brock Versus Barley

Brock is your go-to for blasting enemies from afar, while Barley excels in controlling the battlefield and slowing down opponents. So, overall, for aggressive play and burst damage: Brock shines with his ranged dominance and high damage output.


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