Discover thousands of collaborative articles on 2500+ skills (2024)

Discover thousands of collaborative articles on 2500+ skills (2024)


How to find collaborative articles on LinkedIn? ›

Click the categories on the right side of the page to explore collaborative articles of a particular skill. Search for skill-related keywords or specific 'how-to' questions in the LinkedIn search bar to find relevant skills page or collaborative articles.

Is it worth contributing to LinkedIn articles? ›

Should you bother contributing to collaborative articles? If you're doing it to refine your messaging, share your expertise and add value to the LinkedIn community - while gaining a little bit of extra visibility in the process - then yes, contributing to collaborative articles is a worthwhile exercise.

Are LinkedIn articles still a thing? ›

So, in answer to our initial question, LinkedIn articles are not dead, but they are different. To maximise the benefits of this format, it's important to incorporate them into a structured plan. Think about the way LinkedIn supports your digital marketing and make articles work as part of your broader strategy.

Does LinkedIn still have articles? ›

All members and admins (super admins or content admins of a LinkedIn Page) have the ability to publish articles about their expertise and interests. Articles are displayed in the Activity section of your profile.

Is it better to do a LinkedIn Post or article? ›

So, they have a longer lifespan. In short, LinkedIn posts are great to keep the ball rolling on the engagement side of things, whereas LinkedIn articles are helpful for long-term brand image and authority building.

What is the difference between a LinkedIn article and a LinkedIn Post? ›

Posts may contain media (for example, photos or videos) and third-party content (for example, URL). Articles are long form, in-depth content that may be distributed to your LinkedIn connections and beyond.

Are LinkedIn articles better than posts? ›

The choice between LinkedIn Posts and LinkedIn Articles depends on your business goals, target audience, and content strategy: Short Updates and Immediate Engagement: If you want to share quick updates, company news, event highlights, or engage with your network frequently, posts are more suitable.

What kind of articles do well on LinkedIn? ›

An article outlining your expertise allows you to position yourself as precisely that. Candidates could have similar levels of expertise on any given topic. However, from the employer's perspective, the ones who have written a well-researched, competently written article have already proven their knowledge.

How many articles should you post on LinkedIn? ›

“How often should I post on LinkedIn?” To give you the answer straight away, we believe that you should seek to post as often as you can at a frequency that is sustainable for you. There is no point posting daily content to only burn out after 2 weeks and then not show up for months.

What are the rules for LinkedIn articles? ›

Remember to be professional and don't post anything misleading, fraudulent, obscene, threatening, hateful, defamatory, discriminatory, or illegal. You're responsible for the content of your articles, including any harm caused by you to others, or harm caused to you through your use of this service.

How do I search for newsletters on LinkedIn? ›

You can discover newsletters that other members are subscribed to by visiting the Interests section on their profile. A member's newsletter will appear below their name in search results as well. Also, look for the Trending newsletters in your network section of your My Network tab.

How do you find collaboration in a research paper? ›

First, we recommend reaching out to your professors and other faculty members at your school. They're usually very happy to help students who are trying to find ways to get involved with their research. If that doesn't work, try reaching out on Twitter and other social media platforms.


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