Frequently Asked Questions About Our Fire Pits (2024)

Common Questions About Fabulous Fire Pits

Will your fire pits rust?
Eventually, yes. All steel (even stainless) rusts under wet weather conditions.
But Fabulous Firepits are made of much thicker steel (4-5mm) than almost all fire pits you will find in the shops so is built to last a lot longer.
(We set up our business because we were tired of fire pits that didn't last more than a year.)
But steel is expensive and getting more so, so our fire pits do cost more, but "you pay for what you get"!
​Further, our fire pits are also modular, so if your base does ever rust through (very unlikely!) you can simply replace the base part at a modest cost. :-)
​You can prolong the life of any fire pit by putting sand in the base and maintaining it. See how to maintain your fire pit here.

Are holes in the base of a fire pit necessary?
It may seem surprising, but your fire pit will work just as effectively with or without base holes.
Base holes do allow a little more airflow and so offer a faster burn, but that also means you will burn through wood faster.
Base holes also mean messy ash spills through the bottom of the fire pit.

Will your fire pits fill up with water?
​No. Even our fire pits with no base holes won't fill up with water.
Our fire pits slot together and the slots allow water to pass through the base of the fire pit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Fire Pits (1)

Should I choose side vents or not?
The choice of side vents is mainly an aesthetic one. As with base holes, side vents will allow a little more air flow and give you a slightly faster burn rate.
But a fire will burn quite happily in our unvented fire pits. Most people choose to have side vents, not least because when the fire is burning the light from the fire creates a lovely pattern on the ground around the fire through the vents. See below:

Will a fire pit damage my patio?
Potentially, yes
. Be aware that like any fire, heat from the base can cause slate, stone and other surfaces to stain, crack or break.
When used on grass, grass will get scorched and may not regrow.
Where larger slabs are used as a surface extra care must be taken due to expansion from the heat.
​Put the fire pit on another slab that you don't mind breaking and/or buy a fire pit with a taller stand.
​You can reduce the heat from the base by putting sand at the bottom of your fire pit but that does not mean you can use it on any surface.

​Never use fire pits near long grass as it is likely to catch fire, especially in dry conditions.
See how to make a fire pit fire here.

How long will a Fabulous Firepit last?
It depends! If you leave your fabulous firepit outside in the rain and don't maintain it properly, it will still last longer than most fire pits due to the thickness of the steel. Most fire pits made of thin (1 or 2mm steel - very "tinny", much like a baked bean can) will only typically last a year if left outside in the rain. Our fire pits will last a lot longer when mis-treated, maybe a few years or probably even longer. If you maintain your fire pit, cleaning it up after use and storing it away in a dry place, it should last a lifetime. You can expect it to last at least 5 years being left outside in UK weather under normal conditions. Clean your fire pit regularly and put it away over winter to keep it in tip top condition.

Can I put my fire pit on a wood or plastic surface, like a deck?
No, never place afire pit on wood, plastic or any other combustible surface.
​Decks are made of wood and/or plastic which WILL burn!
The base of the fire pit gets very hot and that is likely to damage any combustible surface it is placed on and may set fire to it!
Read our fire pit safety guide here.

What surfaces can I put my fire pit on?
Any fire proof surface will be OK.
We've used on fire pits on soil, gravel, sand, brick, slate and stone surfaces.
But fire pits get very hot so our 20cm taller stand is recommended for some surfaces.

Can I burn anything on a Fabulous Firepit?
No. Our firepits are designed to burn dry wood, charcoal or ecological wood and wood pulp based products only.
i.e. Wood based materials specifically designed for burning on fires.
Use only kiln dried or seasoned hardwoods specifically for burning on fires.
Soft woods, high resin wood, green wood, wet wood, unseasoned logs and scrap wood etc. are very prone to "spitting" / sparking embers and should not be used.
As with an open fire, it is possible to burn coal on our fire pits but it is not recommended.
You can cause damage to the environment by burning other materials like plastic and rubber etc. Please do not do this and dispose of such items at your local amenity site.
See our fire pit fire making guide here.

Is the fire pit safe for children & pets?
Yes, if you take precautions. Never leave children or pets alone with a fire pit or any other type of fire.
As with any open fire, precautions must be taken as an adult particularly when children and pets are around.
The walls and base of the fire pit gets very hot and should not be touched.
You must keep children and pets away from fires, whether they are fire pits or open fire places.
​Children and pets must be supervised at all times when using a fire pit.
When cooking a marshmallow on a stick, supervise your child. Be aware that marshmallows can catch fire easily and can also become super-heated and can burn lips and skin. Teach your children to respect fire.
Read our fire pit safety guide here.

Can I cook on a Fabulous Firepit?
Yes, with our Plancha Grill and Mesh Grill attachments you can cook on your fire pit.
Fabulous Fire pits are about generating radiant heat to those around the fire pit on cooler summer evenings or colder winter days.
Cooking foods on a stick or with some other roasting device over the fire pit is possible, but it's not something we can recommend.
When it comes to cooking, treat our fire pits as you would any other open fire.

Can I use a Fabulous Firepit indoors?
No. Our fire pits are not designed for indoor use!
Do not use fire pits in garages or enclosed spaces, that's indoors too! :-)
Read our fire pit safety guide here.

Can I use a Fabulous Firepit anywhere outside?
No.You must take sensible precautions when using our firepits outside.
Never put your fire pit near hedges, shrubs or low hanging trees, as with any open fire these are likely to catch alight.
Never use it near wooden buildings or decks that are likely to catch fire when exposed to heat or flying embers.
Never use your fire pit on a sloping site. Choose a piece of level ground away from other objects.
​Fumes from fires can be harmful as they contain carbon monoxide, so never use a fire pit in an enclosed space.

What is your returns policy?
See full details of our returns policy here.

Is a fire pit safe?
Any open fire has potential for things to go wrong.
You should never leave a fire unattended and when making fires outside keep a bucket of water or a hose on standby nearby in case things get out of control.
You must be aware that burning logs and other combustibles can give off sparks and any paper etc. you might put on your fire can float out of the fire while lit and set fire to surroundings, including clothing.
As with any open fire, it's important to maintain a safe distance from our firepits.
​Always have a first aid kit handy in case anyone needs treatment.
Read our fire pit safety guide here.

What is your delivery charge?
We aim to keep our delivery charges as low as possible and transparent. Cardboard prices have increased in 2021 so we are always reviewing our costs. Our fire pits are VERY heavy weighing from 16kg up to 45kg and sometimes more!
Our charge varies depending on the weight and number of boxes as weight and size affects costs.
See full details of delivery charges here.

Will you deliver outside of the UK?
We are a new company and currently are only offering UK delivery.
This is due to the weight of our product. We hope to offer international delivery in the near future.
​If you must have one of our firepits and live outside of the UK, please contact us and we can quote for international shipping costs.

Any other questions? Pleaseget in touch:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Fire Pits (2024)


How bad are fire pits for the environment? ›

Smoke from burning wood is made up of a complex mixture of gases and fine particles, which are also called particle pollution or particulate matter. Outdoor recreational fires can become a considerable source of fine-particle air pollution – especially in some metro areas.

What makes a good fire pit? ›

The material of your outdoor fire pit informs not only its look and style but also its longevity, maintenance, and price. Heavier materials like concrete are potentially heavy, making them ideal for more permanent fixtures, while materials like cor-ten steel take on a patina over time.

What burns longest in a fire pit? ›

Seasoned wood will burn more efficiently and keep your fire pit clean. Usually, choosing the best wood for fire pits comes down to hardwoods vs softwoods. Due to their density and dryness, we'd recommend using hardwoods, like beech or ash, since they will ignite a low-maintenance fire that can burn for hours.

What is the science behind fire pit? ›

Exhaust vapor flowing upward through the pit creates a natural draw of ambient air through the inlets. The warm environment inside the pit heats the air as it flows to the burning wood, creating a feed of pre-heated oxygen that contributes to a more efficient flame.

How far away should a fire pit be from a house? ›

Place your fire pit at a safe distance (10-25 feet) from any flammable structures or surfaces. This includes your house, trees, shed, vehicle, neighbors' property, and wood deck, among other things. Keep your fire pit away from overhanging branches. A 21-foot clearance is standard for most municipalities.

What are the dangers of fire pits? ›

The excess smoke can sometimes lead to lung irritation and have additional environmental concerns. Fire uses up the oxygen you need and produces smoke and poisonous gases that kill. Breathing even small amounts of smoke and toxic gases can make you drowsy, disoriented, and short of breath.

What is the best base for a fire pit? ›

What Do You Put in the Bottom of a Fire Pit? To create a safe, sturdy foundation for a fire pit, we use a gravel paver base. Other common materials used for the bottom of a fire pit are sand, lava stones, dirt, fire glass and concrete slabs.

What is the best ground for a fire pit area? ›

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is another great option for fire pit areas. It is known for its aesthetics and comfortable walking surface, making it a popular choice for outdoor spaces.

What kind of fire pit is best for the environment? ›

Better for the environment: for those not wanting a wood-burning fireplace (or who can't buy a wood fire because they're illegal in your city or state), there are plenty of great, environmentally friendly, 'smokeless' options – e.g., ethanol, natural gas or portable propane gas fire pits or fire tables.

What fuel is best for a fire pit? ›

Best firewood species to use in your fire pit

We'd recommend using hardwoods, such as oak, ash and beech which are best for heat when cooking and will provide a long burn and flavour.

Is it OK to leave fire pit burning overnight? ›

Don't dispose of ashes immediately after extinguishing the fire. Let them cool completely before properly discarding them in a metal container or putting them to use in your garden or yard. Don't leave the fire pit burning overnight or when you're leaving the area.

What is the ideal fire pit size? ›

Small fire pit dimensions should measure 3 feet wide, while a large pit can go up to 6 feet wide. Ideally a fire pit should be between 36 and 44 inches wide (including the width of the walls) in order to comfortably seat multiple people around it whilst still maintaining an intimate setting.

What keeps a fire pit going? ›

Regularly add more kindling or tinder to help keep your flames burning longer and hotter. Leaning logs against each other in a criss-cross pattern can help keep them upright while creating an efficient airflow through which oxygen can reach deeper into the pile and create a larger flame.

Why are fire pits important? ›

Fire pits prolong enjoyment of your backyard landscaping through spring, summer, and fall. A fire pit creates a warm, central gathering area for entertaining well into the evening hours.

What are the principles of a fire pit? ›

Essentially, a fire pit needs only a hole that can safely contain a fire. This can be as simple as a hole dug in the ground, or as complex as a holed-out brick or rock pillar. A wood-burning fire pit should be located at least ten feet (three meters) away from structures for safety.

What is the most environmentally friendly fire pit? ›

Ethanol fire pits

Also known as bioethanol, it's a clean-burning fuel source and is a low maintenance and modern solution.

Is it okay to have a fire pit in my backyard? ›

Most cities and towns allow small recreational fires. A recreational fire is usually defined as a campfire, bonfire, or backyard fire in a fire pit. Many recreational fire regulations are in place to remain courteous to your neighbors, but others exist to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

What are the cons of a wood-burning fire pit? ›

Maintenance. Wood fire pits are harder to maintain because they hold the soot, ash, and logs. This will need to be shoveled out from time to time. Creosote may be an issue with wood when it is burned since it is a tar substance that can leak harmful chemicals into the air.

Is it a good idea to have a fire pit? ›

Yes, you can use your fire pit all year long. A fire pit is great for those cool, brisk evenings in the fall and winter. But don't keep it locked up half the year: Your fire pit is excellent for any season and any occasion, including a Summer barbecue. Thinking of hosting a summer soiree or a backyard cookout?


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