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Watch repair tools are designed for repairing, maintaining, and servicing watches. These tools are typically used by professional watchmakers, but they can also be used by hobbyists or anyone who wants to repair their own watches.

There are many different types of watch repair tools available, each with its own unique purpose. Some tools are used to open and close watch cases, while others are used to remove and install watch hands, or to adjust the balance and accuracy of a watch movement. In this article, we are going to discuss some watch repair tools for beginners.

Why Do We Need to Watch Repair Tools?

Watch repair tools are necessary to repair and maintain watches. By having the right tools, you can save time and money by avoiding the need to take your watch to a professional watchmaker for every repair or maintenance task. If you want to get a better understanding of your watch you need to learn about watch repair tools. These tools are used for the following purposes.

  • Maintaining and repairing watches

Watches are intricate and delicate machines that require regular maintenance to keep them running accurately and adequately. They can also suffer from wear and tear or breakages, which require repair. Watch repair tools are designed to help with both tasks.

  • Handling small parts

Handling small parts of watches that can easily be lost or damaged is impossible without specific watch repair tools. These tools help to hold and place the tiny parts in the proper places.

  • Adjusting watch movement

The movement of the watch affects its accuracy and performance of the watch. The movement consists of many small parts, which work together to keep time. Some of these parts can get damaged or misaligned, which affects the accuracy of the watch. Tools like the poising tool, hairspring collet tool, and jewel setting tool help to adjust the movement and restore accuracy.

  • Replacing and removing parts

Watch parts, such as the crown, stem, and bezel, must be removed and replaced during repair or maintenance. Special repair tools help to perform these tasks safely and effectively.

Basic Watch Repair Tools For Beginners

If you’re a beginner looking to start repairing and maintaining watches, here are some essential watch repair tools for beginners to consider:


Watch Repair Tools For Beginners - Watches Craze (1)

Watch Repair Tools For Beginners - Watches Craze (2)Tweezers are one of the most important tools in watch repair. They are used to hold small parts like screws, hands, and jewels, which are difficult to handle with fingers. Watchmakers use a variety of tweezers, such as flat, pointed, and curved, to handle different types of parts. Tweezers come in a range of materials, including stainless steel, brass, and anti-magnetic alloys.


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A screwdriver is also an essential tool in repairing watches. These are used to tighten or loosen screws in watch movements, cases, and straps. Watchmakers use specialized screwdrivers that are designed to fit the small screws used in watches. These screwdrivers come in various sizes and shapes and have very fine tips to fit in tight spaces. The tips are also made of different materials, such as steel, brass, or synthetic materials, that help to avoid damage to the screws or the parts around them.

Spring bar tool

Watch Repair Tools For Beginners - Watches Craze (4)

A spring bar tool is used to remove and install spring bars, which hold the watch strap or bracelet to the watch case. Spring bars can be difficult to remove without the proper tool, and using the wrong tool can scratch or damage the watch case. Spring bar tools are designed with fine tips to fit into the small gaps between the watch case and the strap.


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A loupe is a small magnifying glass that helps to inspect and identify small parts and details in the watch. Watchmakers use loupes to examine the movement, hands, dial, and other parts of the watch. Lenses can be made of different materials, such as glass or plastic, and come in various magnification levels, typically ranging from 2x to 10x. Loupes can be handheld or can be attached to a headband for hands-free use.

Some Advanced Watch Repair Tools

As you gain more experience and confidence, you may want to add more advanced watch repair tools to your collection.

Advanced watch repair tools are tools that require some advanced knowledge and skill. These tools are used for some advanced and complex repairs. Here we are going to discuss some advanced watch repair tools.

Movement holder

Watch Repair Tools For Beginners - Watches Craze (6)

A movement holder is a tool used to hold the watch movement in place while you work on it. It keeps the movement stable and prevents it from moving around or getting damaged during repairs. Movement holders come in various sizes and shapes to fit different types of watch movements

Watch Hand Presto Presser Lifter Puller Plunger Remover

Watch Repair Tools For Beginners - Watches Craze (7)
  • This high-quality watch tool is perfect for any professional or amateur watchmaker.
  • It comes with 7 different shape plastic tips, making it ideal for fixing different sizes of the watch’s hour, minute, and second hands.
  • The plastic tips are designed to prevent scratches on watch hands and dials, keeping your watch in pristine condition.
  • The tool allows you to hold the watch dial securely in place, making it easy to press the watch’s hands into the correct position.
  • Whether you’re repairing a vintage watch or adjusting the time on your favorite timepiece, this tool is an essential addition to your watch repair kit.
  • Its durable construction and precise design ensure that you can rely on it for years to come.


Watch Repair Tools For Beginners - Watches Craze (8)

A demagnetizer is a tool used to remove magnetism from the watch movement. If the watch movement becomes magnetized, it can affect the performance of the watch. A demagnetizer uses a strong magnetic field to neutralize the magnetism in the watch. Demagnetizers can be handheld or built into a watchmaker’s bench. They are also very important to use in watch maintenance.

Watch Case Press:

Watch Repair Tools For Beginners - Watches Craze (9)

Watch Repair Tools For Beginners - Watches Craze (10)A watch case press is a tool used in watch repair to securely press the back of the watch case back into place after it has been opened to access the watch movement and other internal components. It ensures that the watch is properly sealed and protected against moisture and dust.

Tips For Using Watch Repair Tools For Beginners

Here are some tips for using watch repair tools that should be considered.

Handle with care

Watch repairing tools play a very important role in repairing watches. These tools are also very delicate and need special care while using them. Be gentle to using these tools and do not apply too much pressure on these tools to avoid any breakage.

Keep tools clean

Cleanliness is very important and helps to work more effectively so it is important to clean and organize all the watch repair tools. All the tools must be dust-free and clean.

Watch tutorials and read guides

Watching tutorials and reading guides can help you learn the proper techniques and best practices for using watch repair tools. You can find a wealth of information online, including video tutorials and step-by-step guides. Learning from experienced watchmakers can also provide valuable insights and tips.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice makes a man perfect and helps to get a better understanding of a skill. so if you want to use the watch repairing tools start with simple repair tasks and then proceed further with a complex task.

By following these tips, you can use watch repair tools effectively and safely, and develop the skills needed to maintain and repair watches with confidence.


Watch repair tools are crucial for maintaining, repairing, and restoring watches. With the right tools and techniques, you can not only extend the lifespan of your watch but also gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate engineering that goes into making these beautiful timepieces.

Watch Repair Tools For Beginners - Watches Craze (2024)


How to learn to repair watches? ›

Few people learn this trade on the job. Instead, the best way to learn watch and clock repairing skills is to attend a school of horology (the art of making and repairing timepieces) that is accredited by the Research and Education Council.

What is the best watchmaker tool brand? ›

Esslinger and Company carries a wide range of high quality, Swiss made Bergeon watch repair tools. These watch tools are made by Bergeon and are a great addition to any watchmaker's workbench.

How can I learn watchmaking as a hobby? ›

This can be done through online tutorials, videos, and books on the subject. Additionally, joining a local watchmaking or horology club can be a great way to connect with other enthusiasts and learn from more experienced hobbyists.

Is watch repair easy? ›

It requires specialist tools, access to genuine replacement parts and a trained eye to repair and service a watch. It's also worth noting you'll invalidate any warranty you might have by attempting to fix your watch yourself. When in doubt, leave it to the professionals.

What is the name of the person who fixes watches? ›

Meaning of horologist in English

a person or company that makes or repairs clocks and watches: Samuel Smith was a clock and watchmaker who came from a family firm of horologists.

What is a watch repair man called? ›

Alternative titles for this job include Horologist, clock maker. Watch and clock repairers fix, service and restore customers' timepieces and those held in collections.

Who are the big 3 in watchmaking? ›

The Holy Trinity, also known as The Big Three, is the name given in horology to three of the biggest and oldest watchmakers in the world. The watch brands are Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin, known for their complex and high-end movements. The classification dates back to at least the 1970s.

What is the number one watchmaker in the world? ›

Rolex. As the most famous watch brand in the entire world, it comes as no surprise to learn that Rolex is also one of the most expensive.

What are the three best watchmakers? ›

And they're not brands, they're watchmakers. One of the oldest tropes in fine watchmaking is that there is – or was – a “big three,” of traditional Swiss fine watchmaking. These were the classic Swiss fine watchmaking brands: Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet.

What is a watch screwdriver? ›

Description :-These compact and handy screwdrivers are used for watch repair, small electronics, eyeglass repair, etc. Helps you to tighten or loosen small screws and also get into small areas.

Can you make money repairing watches? ›

The business of watch and clock repair is lucrative, especially, if you have customers who value designer wristwatches. Aside the repairs, some people, on a regular basis, also cleanse their watches as well.

How long is watchmaking school? ›

Watchmaking school typically takes up to two years to complete, although it can depend on the institution you attend and the program you select. There are several schools to choose from domestically, as well as technical schools abroad, where you can enroll.

How do I start working in the watch industry? ›

How do I get started?
  1. There are several watchmaking schools in the United States, many of which offer tuition free education sponsored by major watch brands. ...
  2. Apprentice with a Master Watchmaker.
  3. Start by taking our Introduction to Watchmaking class to see if the career is the right fit for you.

How long does it take to learn how do you make a watch? ›

Watchmaking school can vary in terms of time. Average time is about 2-4 years. Watchmaking school will teach you about 60% of the fundamental stuff you'll need as a watchmaker. You'll need another 5-10 years of on the job training for 35% of the stuff watchmaking school doesn't teach you.


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